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Ceramic Coating Services

Premium Protection and Glossy Style
At Brookfield Tint, we are fixated on maintaining a vehicle’s long-term value. Ceramic coating protects your wallet now and in the future. By bringing your car in, you’ll be able to defend against UV rays, chemical stains, and etching. Give your car that glossy sheen that is only possible with ceramic coating. Our technical experts service Elm Grove, New Berlin, Greenfield, and throughout Waukesha County. Give our team a call and get ready for a paint job that can stand up to whatever the road throws its way.


Lowers Vehicle Temperature

UV Ray Protection

Paint can wither and deplete in the harsh rays of the sun. Ceramic coating sustains paint vitality for the long-term.
Blocks UV Rays

Defends against chemical stains

Ceramic coating blocks chemicals from causing permanent damage.
Prevents Theft

Glossy Finish

Ceramic coating is distinguished and easy to identify. Your car will strut with a glossy sheen that is impossible to ignore.


Is it difficult to install a ceramic coating?
The simple answer is yes. If the coating isn’t applied exactly right it can lead to permanent paint damage or air bubbles. To prevent these types of issues, our technicians have trained for years to perfect the craft. They know the ins and outs of applying liquid polymer (Ceramic coating) so that there are no strange abrasions or imperfections.
Often Should I Replace My Vehicle’s Ceramic Coating?
Our ceramic coatings often last between two to five years. However, we have had several customers whose coating lasted far longer. We recommend giving the car a personal inspection every few months and contacting Brookfield Tint if you notice any irregularities. That way our experts can assess and solve any issues that arise.
What’s the difference between ceramic coatings and dealership applied sealants?
Brookfield Tint’s ceramic coatings are more durable in every way compared to almost any dealership sealant. A dealership film is built to last until the car leaves the lot. Whereas, our coatings will last between two to five years. Our ceramic coatings also provide a much richer glossy characteristic that embodies high quality. If you want to protect your investment, never settle for a dealership sealant.




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