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The Best Taillight Tint Services in Waukesha County
The customized look you’ve always wanted
For those interested in customizing their vehicle’s headlights and tail lights with sleek tinting, you’ve come to the right place. At Brookfield Tint, we install classy headlight and tail light tint for clients who want to add a unique touch to their vehicles. Our technicians can apply vinyl tint film and customize designs in a variety of colors for any type of vehicle. Whether you want increased visibility for fog driving or flashy lights that will turn heads, we can make it happen. Contact us today to discuss your headlight and tail light tinting needs and we will guide you step-by-step through the process.


Lowers Vehicle Temperature

Enhanced visibility

Headlight and tail light tint can improve visibility at night or under low-light conditions
Blocks UV Rays

Customized design

With custom headlight and tail light tint, your vehicle will look unique and elegant all year round
Prevents Theft

Added Protection

Tinting can protect the finishes on your lights from cracking, sun damage or discoloration


How do you install headlight and tail light tinting?
Our professional technicians can install or apply headlight and tail light tint in several ways depending on your vehicle. For smaller turn signals and marker lights, we recommend a transparent headlight or tail light spray paint layer that is applied directly onto the car. We guarantee that the spray paint will not damage your vehicle’s existing paint coat or windows. If we decide to go this route, your car will need to remain in our shop overnight.
We also install light tint using a transparent vinyl layer that is placed directly over the lights. This approach is quick, less costly, and does not damage your vehicle’s paint layer. Our team will cut tint to exactly match your light dimensions. Overall, vinyl layer application is a short process.
How long does it take to apply headlight or tail light tint?
This depends on the application method.
Should you decide to use a spray-on tint, your vehicle will need to stay overnight with us.
If you opt for transparent vinyl, installation is quick. We recommend you wait with us for your vehicle if you choose this method.
Can headlight and tail light tinting be removed?
Headlight and tail light tint can be removed. However, we recommend that you bring your vehicle to us rather than trying to remove the tint yourself. This is true spray tint and vinyl tint film.
You risk damaging your car’s paint layer or lights if tint removal is done incorrectly.
How long does headlight or tail light tint last?
This depends on the type of material that you use on your vehicle’s lights. High-quality vinyl tint film will last for several years before it needs to be replaced.

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