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The Best Paint Protection Services in Waukesha County
Protect your investment with the latest transparent paint protection film.

Trying to protect your car’s paint from the elements? We have just what you need. Our paint protection services help safeguard vehicles from daily wear-and-tear. We apply a transparent paint coating that protects against damaging UV rays and roadside debris that can chip away at your car’s exterior. All work is done by qualified professionals and is extremely cost-effective. Additionally, our protective paint coating leaves vehicles looking beautifully polished and sleek. If you are trying to preserve your car’s paint and maintain its value over the long term, Brookfield Tint is the service provider for you.


Preserving Paint

Preserves External Car Paint

Protective paint coating prevents harmful UV rays from withering your car’s paint.
Protecting The Car’s Surface

Easy Removal

You can easily remove paint protection from your vehicle without causing any damage.

Surface Protection

Car paint protection guards against road debris and rock chips.
No Side Effects


With high-quality paint protection, vehicle owners save money in future repairs and restoration.
Cost Effective Paint Protection Service

Transparent Coating

After its applied, our paint protection coating is virtually transparent.
Good Aesthetic Appeal

Aesthetic Appeal

Our paint protection helps give vehicles a shiny and polished physical appearance.
High Resale Value

Maintain Resale Value

Vehicles with paint protection maintain their resale value over the long term.


What are the benefits of car paint protection?
Paint protection protects vehicles from the damage that is caused by destructive agents such as chemicals, bugs, and weather-related elements. It also enhances the exterior look of the car and preserves the paint.
How long does the paint protection application process last?
Depending on how much coverage you choose to apply to your car, the application process can last a few hours to a few days. On average, vehicle owners leave their cars with us for one day for small-to-medium paint protection applications.
Can the protective coating layer be removed? How will the removal affect my car’s paint?
Yes, the paint protection layer can be removed. However, we strongly recommend having it removed by our trained professionals as amateur removal can damage the car’s paint. Removal does not affect the paint under the protective film. To keep unprotected paint in excellent condition, we recommend regular washes, sealant application, and quality waxes. Our specialists can also make corrections should paint color differ across the car depending on which areas were and weren’t protected.
How do I take good care of the paint protection coating?
We strongly recommend you wait up to one week before washing the car after paint protection application. After this initial period, you can clean your car as usual. The paint protection film can be cleaned with dedicated car wash soaps (never use dish soap, because it is too abrasive) and high-quality car wash mitt. When waxing a car that has paint protection installed, always apply the wax running from the edges to prevent buildup (use a high-quality microfiber). When pressure washing, maintain a 10-inch distance from your car in order to prevent paint protection layer peeling (for compressed air, a one-foot range is recommended).
What are the don’ts of paint protection follow-up care?
DO NOT: use abrasive cleaners (sponges, scrubbers, paper towels), use degreasers or any kind of powder-based detergents to clean the surface layer, use petroleum-based products, use solvents and cleaners based on naphtha, toluene, xylene or kerosene; use force or excessively scrub the paint protection film, try to lift the edges once they already lifted (allow specialized repair for these situations), use any kind of polishing machines.
Can paint protection be applied to headlights and fog lights too?
Yes, car paint coating can be applied to your car’s lights too, and we strongly recommend this application. The protection will preserve the headlights for long periods of time without diminishing light output. We are happy to discuss this with you as you determine how you would like to protect your car.

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