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Automotive Window Film Lifetime Limited Warranty

At Brookfield Tint, we take pride in using only the highest quality window film and follow the manufacturing instructions exactly. All of our tinting jobs include a lifetime limited warranty. In case something happens to your vehicle tint, you can use this warranty to receive a free window film replacement or repair. The lifetime limited warranty covers all film products used by Brookfield Tint against cracking, peeling, or demetallization. Certain restrictions apply, covered in detail below.

LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY COVERAGE (“warranty”) for Brookfield Tint Film

  • If the film fails to conform to the high standard of which we provide our services, coverage provided by this warranty may be requested. Once tint problems are assessed, and the film fits the previously mentioned criteria, the purchaser may obtain replacement and installation of new film free of charge at Brookfield Window Tint.
  • Unusual change of color in tint (i.e., film turning a purple hue) is included in this warranty, meaning you’ll receive a free replacement.
  • Warranty does not cover the natural fading of film/tint over time, unless proof of improper installation can be provided.


  • As long as the original Purchaser retains ownership of the original vehicle on which the window tint was installed, the warranty remains valid for life.
  • All coverage provided in this warranty belongs solely to the original owner. Coverage does not extend or transfer to other persons or parties, related or otherwise.
  • Proof of purchase (original receipt), proof of identity (driver’s license), and vehicle ownership must be provided at the time of any requested coverage.

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