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Window tint can be removed, but it’s often more trouble than it’s worth. While you could have the best window tinting company in Milwaukee, WI, take care of it, you may still choose to try and do it yourself.

There are two tell-tale signs of aging window tinting that needs to be removed and replaced. The first is when the window tint’s color turns from black to purple. When this happens, the dyes within the film have broken down due to time, heat, and constantly fighting off the sun’s rays. Although it looks cool, but when your tint turns purple, it no longer is doing its job. Not only it becomes unsuccessful at shielding your eyes, you’re absorbing more sun UV rays as well.

The other sign to look for is when your window tint begins to bubble up. Window tint bubbles up when the adhesive under the film can no longer keep the film stuck to the glass. Whether it was installed incorrectly or time and heat have created air pockets, bubbled tint is soon to be peeling tint.

The easiest way to remove tint yourself is to use a clothes steamer. You would use it much like removing a wallpaper; steaming the material and then carefully peeling it away.

Another old school technique is to use newspapers soaked in soapy water. Simply apply them to the film for about an hour and gently cut them away with a razor. However, this technique may not work as well as you’d hoped; not to mention you’ll also get some pretty odd looks from others.

You can also try cutting it away little by little, or peeling it off a bit at a time. However, it may take longer than you would expect; especially if the film continues to shred away in tiny pieces.

Of course, for a professional job, you could call Brookfield Tint. As the best window tint company in Milwaukee, we’ll make sure your old tint is not only properly removed, but your new tint is also installed professionally. Keep your car looking cool, just call us.