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Window Tinting services

The Best Window Tinting Services in Waukesha County
No Air Bubbles. No Cracks. No Chips. No Concerns
Looking for reliable and affordable window tinting services in Waukesha County? You’ve come to the right place. We understand how hard it is to find a trustworthy partner who will take care of your vehicle and get you exactly what you need. Our technicians have years of experience and are 100% committed to treating customers with the utmost level of respect. No matter the make or model of your vehicle, we can help you find the right window tinting for you.


Lowers Vehicle Temperature

Lower Vehicle Temperature

High-quality window tint film helps keep vehicle interiors cool.
Blocks UV Rays

Blocks UV Rays

Window tinting also protects passengers from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
Prevents Theft

Theft Prevention

Vehicles with that have tinted windows are less likely to be broken into.
Protects Upholstery

Protects Upholstery

High-quality window tint film prevents harmful UV rays from damaging interior elements, including dashboards, seats, cloth, and other vehicle materials.
Added Privacy

Enhanced Privacy

With quality tint film, vehicles are more private and protected.
Safety from Glass Breakage

Shattered Glass Protection

If window glass breaks or shatters, tint film will hold the pane together and simplify clean up.
Glare Reduction

Window Glare Reduction

Car window tint film reflects glare from the sun and helps keep drivers safe.


What are the car window tint laws in Wisconsin?
The state of Wisconsin has laws regarding how dark or reflective window tint can be. The laws require that a certain percentage of visible light can enter the car and vary by vehicle type.
For sedans, the law requires the front side windows to allow more than 50% of light in and the rear and side windows to allow 35% of light in.
Vans & SUVs
The law requires the front (passenger and driver) windows of vans and SUVs to allow more than 50% of visible light in and the rear and side windows to allow 35% of light in.
How dark can the window tint film on my car’s windows be?
We recommend that you check your state’s regulations around tint film darkness, as they do vary. Keep in mind that if you have poor night vision, you should choose a light or medium film that does not detract from your night visibility. When seeking out tinting services, remember that the parameter, VLT (visible light transmission), refers to the amount of light allowed to pass through tint film. The lower the VLT value is, the darker the film.
Can I roll the windows up and down right after tint installation?
We strongly recommend keeping your car’s windows rolled up for at least two days after the tint film installation so that the film adheres to the glass. After this fixation period, it is safe to roll down the windows.
How should I care for my car’s windows after film installation?
It is always better to wait one week before cleaning any windows with newly installed film. For cleaning a tinted window, use only ammonia-free cleaners and soft clothes (foam cleaners are the best because they don’t streak and most of them do not contain ammonia). Never use abrasive cleaning solutions.
Will the film be installed on the outer side or the inner side of my car’s windows?
Professional technicians always install tint film on the inside of the glass in order to protect it from the weather. Sometimes you will see technicians measuring the outside of the window, but that is just for pre-installation fitting.

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